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Corporate accounting and bookkeeping

Corporate accounting and bookkeeping

All businesses operating in Hong Kong must maintain books of accounts and produce annual returns to satisfy statutory audit requirements. MarbleConsultants corporate accounting and bookkeeping service provides all the professional expertise needed to comply with all Hong Kong financial regulations.


As well as completing clients’ bookkeeping and accounting work MarbleConsultants also has data analysis expertise that provides recommendations and tax consulting advice on improving profitability and corporate governance standards. All our services aim to leverage expertise that reduces client stress and renews focus on cost effective business development. 


Our services

We provide a flexible range of accounting services to meet clients’ needs. Our service can support you monthly, quarterly or as an annual accounts service to help with submitting financial reports to the Inland Revenue Department.


We assist clients with:

Setting up their accounting system

  • establishing an advanced and appropriate accounting system to meet the business’ operational requirements
  • preparing financial statements such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation reports and  consolidated statements
  • setting up accessible archiving to enhance analysis and control of accounts



  • using company receipts, invoices and other financial documents to prepare company ledgers, cash books, bank accounts, statements on receivables and payables
  • organizing accounting documents, batch files and computer data storage

Why choose MarbleConsultants?

Working under Hong Kong statutory standards and legislation requires specialist knowledge. Businesses not complying with these can face financial losses or lawsuits. MarbleConsultants work with clients to ensure their businesses thrive in Hong Kong. 


Our fees are transparent and affordable. Our team of dedicated accountants work effectively with clients to improve financial efficiency whilst saving the costs of employing your own accounting staff. Features of our service include


  • easy to forecast fees based on business volume
  • expertise in Hong Kong legislation providing effective tax submission to the Inland Revenue Department
  • data storage and archiving 


Frequently asked questions

Q: According to the "Companies Ordinance", when are registered companies required to submit annual returns?

Local private companies with an annual share capital must submit an annual return each calendar year  within 42 days of the anniversary of incorporation (other than the year of incorporation). Other local companies must submit an annual return within 42 days of the company's annual general meeting, or within 42 days of a certified copy of the accounts being laid before the company annual general meeting.


Non-Hong Kong companies are required under the "Companies Ordinance" Article XI of the date registered, to submit an annual return within 42 days after each anniversary.


About us

MarbleConsultants was founded in 1998 to provide a one stop expert service that advises businesses on how enter and thrive in Hong Kong and beyond. Clients benefit from our experience. Our legal and accounting expertise ensures they comply with Hong Kong legislation. Our strengths are Company Incorporation, Tax Consultancy, Company Secretary Service and IPO.



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