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Hong Kong offers a transparent, well-regulated market for companies wishing to list their shares. MarbleConsultants provide independent IPO services for corporations, investors and shareholders looking for advice on IPO market activity or going public. Our clients rely on us to represent their interests as they undergo complex IPO processes. 

Our service 

We provide a range of services that help clients plan and complete the IPO process. These include: 

  • Pre-IPO corporate restructuring and planning advice including Hong Kong or overseas registration, Memorandum and Articles formation
  • Developing tax plans and asset protection trust schemes
  • Tracking, recording and auditing firms in accordance with accounting standards. Preparing information on company’s earnings, cash flow projections and reviews of working capital.
  • Completing financial due diligence activities necessary before listing
  • Producing the accountant’s report for inclusion in the prospectus
  • Providing comprehensive secretarial support to help companies comply with all statutory requirements before and after entering the market

Why choose MarbleConsultants?

MarbleConsultants have years of experience in assisting companies to get listed on the Hong Kong stock market. Our dedicated team of specialist IPO consultants can assist you at every stage of the complex IPO process. You assigned account manager will provide advice and guidance on listing companies in China, Hong Kong and overseas. 


Why choose Hong Kong? 

Once a company has decided to go public a suitable market to list shares must be identified. A Hong Kong location listing has the following advantages:


  • An established financial center and gateway to high growth areas of Mainland China and other Asian economies
  • Home Market Theory means that as part of Mainland China, our market is first choice for Mainland Chinese companies seeking a listing on an international overseas market. A significant portion of the trading value of Mainland Chinese companies is conducted in Hong Kong where companies have a dual listing of Hong Kong and another major overseas exchange
  • A robust legal system based on English common law
  • an effective environment for issuers, investors and fundraising. Hong Kong offers no restrictions on movement of funds, many tax incentives, freely convertible currency and securities.
  • International Accounting Standards with flexibility to accept accounting standards such as the US GAAP.
  • Advanced trading, clearing and settlement infrastructure. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, US dollar clearing system allows US dollar transactions to be settled in real time in the Asian time zone against the delivery of Hong Kong dollars, instead of 12 hours later in the New York time zone. This reduces the foreign exchange settlement risk caused by the liquidation of the time gap between the dollar and US dollar.

Key requirements for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange


New applicants must have a trading record of not less than three financial years and meet one of these three criteria:



1. Profit test

2. Market capitalization/ revenue test

3. Market value /income /cash flow test

Profit attributable to shareholders

At lest HK$50 million in the past 3 years. With profits of at least HK$20 million in the last year and combined profits of at least HK$30 million in the two years before that.



Market value

At the time of listing at least HK$ 200 million

At least HK$4 billion at the time of listing

At least HK$2 billion at the time of listing



At least HK$500 million for the most recent audited financial year

At least HK$500 million for the most recent audited financial year

Cash flow


 Positive cashflow from operating activities of at least HK$100 million in aggregate for the three preceding financial years

Positive aggregated cash flow for the three preceding financial years, from operating activities, of at least HK$100 million


Our company consultants are experts at considering all aspects of the IPO process with clients to ensure companies can achieve their vision. 


Choosing to list outside Hong Kong

We can also provide companies with advice on the processes and advantages of listing on the London or New York Stock Exchanges and the Euronext Alternext Board. 


Pan-European plate

Pan-European plate Alternext

Minimum distribution

25 % of the share capital, in some cases this can be reduced

€ 250 >million (public offering)

€ 500 million (private)

Track record

Three years

Two years

Accounting Standards

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Local accounting standards or IFRS

Listing Documents

Prospectus approved by the regulatory body

Prospectus approved by the regulatory agencies, public offering by regulatory approval ;or without approval of the Offering Circular as issued in the € 5 billion of private placements and the smallest five eligible investors



About us

MarbleConsultants was founded in 1998 to provide a one stop expert service that advises businesses on how enter and thrive in Hong Kong and beyond. Clients benefit from our experience. Our legal and accounting expertise ensures they comply with Hong Kong legislation. Our strengths are Company Incorporation, Tax Consultancy, Company Secretary Service and IPO.



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