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Incorporation Services

Incorporation Services

Establishing a Hong Kong business is an exciting way to enter the Chinese and Asian Pacific markets. MarbleConsultants are experts in supporting clients to grow their businesses in Hong Kong. We lead clients through the set up process and provide support services to meet regulatory requirements. 


We can make your aspirations a reality without the need to relocate or create an additional physical base. 

Registering a Hong Kong Limited Company

Private Limited Liability companies are the most popular choice for operating in Hong Kong. Their independent legal status and limited liability gives advantages over sole proprietor and partnership organizations. Shareholders’ liability is limited for the organization’s debts and losses. Companies can sue or be sued in their own name.

Hong Kong has no Goods and Services Tax (GST) or VAT (Value Added Tax). Hong Kong Limited Companies are subject to Profit Tax at a rate of 16.5% Usually asset growth and income generated outside Hong Kong are not subject to Hong Kong taxes. The Personal Income Tax rate is 2% to 17% dependent on salary. 

Hong Kong Limited Company registration requirements

Rules for setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company include

  • At least one director must be appointed. There is no maximum limit for directors. There must be between one and fifty shareholders
  • The director and shareholder can be the same person.
  • The minimum initial issued/paid up capital is HK$ 1.00.
  • The company must have a registered physical Hong Kong address. This cannot be a PO box.
  • A Hong Kong based Company Secretary is required legally.

MarbleConsultants can help clients meet the legal requirement of appointing a Hong Kong based Company Secretary by providing a nominee Company Secretary.


Our company can also provide a physical Hong Kong address so that your company meets the registration requirements.


Companies can be incorporated in Hong Kong for a minimum of HK$ 1.00 issued/paid up capital. There is no statutory requirement regarding registered capital size. The usual minimum registered capital is HK$ 10,000. The Chinese government has specific regional requirements regarding registered capital for clients intending to invest there. 


Shareholders, Directors, Board Chairman and division of shares between shareholders should be decided before beginning the registration process.


All shareholders must be at least 18 years old and can be of any nationality. They do not have to reside in Hong Kong. 

Completing the Incorporation Process

MarbleConsults can support you through the two-stage incorporation process. The first is Approval of Company Name. The second is an Application for Company Registration with the Companies Registrar.


Company name

Company names can be English or Chinese. An English and Chinese name can be registered for the same company. A name must not combine English words and Chinese characters. Names in English must end with ‘Limited’; those in Chinese with ‘有限公司’.

The following restrictions apply when choosing a company name


  • it must not used by or similar to an existing registered company in the Companies Registry’s ‘Index of Company Names’
  • it must not infringe on established trademarks
  • it should not constitute a criminal offence in the opinion of the Companies Registry Chief Executive
  • it should not be offensive or contrary to public interest in the opinion of the Companies Registry Chief Executive

The Company Names Guidelines provides free information on choosing a name.   


After your company name is approved

 Once the company name is approved an incorporation request can be filed with the Companies Register. After successful completion of this stage a Certificate of Incorporation is produced. The next step is opening a corporate bank account. This can be a Hong Kong or offshore account. Directors or shareholders may be requested to visit in person by some Hong Kong banks as part of this process. MarbleConsultants also assist clients with opening Hong Kong bank accounts.

Offshore services

 We provide a confidential, specialist service to advise on offshore company services. This includes British Virgin Islands (BVI) incorporation and Shenzhen offshore accounts. We can also advise on a wider range of options once we fully understand client requirements. 

Why set up a Limited company in Hong Kong?


There are many advantages to establishing a limited company in Hong Kong, Asia’s leading business centre. Hong Kong benefits from:  

  • One of the lowest and simplest tax systems in the world
  • A highly developed world class infrastructure
  • Financial, technical and legal expertise
  • No foreign ownership restrictions
  • Political stability and free movement of capital, goods and information
  • Being the regional business hub for Mainland China and Asia
  • Having a highly skilled multilingual, flexible workforce

MarbleConsultants work with clients to take advantage of the great business environment that Hong Kong offers helping them establish their business in an effective, efficient way. 


Why choose offshore accounts?

There are many potential benefits from choosing offshore accounts. These include


  • Potential tax efficiency
  • Less bureaucracy and red tape
  • Asset protection that is not vulnerable to domestic social and political factors
  • Privacy and financial freedom
  • Convenient international access with ebanking and telephone banking


MarbleConsultants are experts in advising clients on offshore banking to suit their business needs. 

About us

MarbleConsultants was founded in 1998 to provide a one stop expert service that advises businesses on how enter and thrive in Hong Kong and beyond. Clients benefit from our experience. Our legal and accounting expertise ensures they comply with Hong Kong legislation. Our strengths are Company Incorporation, Tax Consultancy, Company Secretary Service and IPO.



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