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Trademark and patent registration

Trademark and patent registration

Registered trademarks give owners exclusive rights and prevent others from exploiting your brand. They help distinguish a strong public identity about the authenticity of goods and services and also allow businesses to take legal action against anyone infringing on trademark use

Trademarks may be signs, words, names, letters, numbers, or images that identify goods and services in specific businesses. They help distinguish the goods and services of one trader from another. Trademark registration grants trademark owners the exclusive rights to use the registered mark and to obtain statutory protection for its use. 

Trademark registration in Hong Kong is required for trademarks already registered under the trademark registries of other countries. For goods and services promoted in China, companies should also apply for trademark registration in China.  


Patents protect inventions by giving the patent owner, a legal right to prevent others manufacturing, using, selling or importing the patented invention and its associated trademarks.

Benefits of trademark registration

As brand globalization increases there are even more reasons to register trademarks bringing the following benefits:


  • Your business has the exclusive legal right to use the mark
  • Increased corporate brand building
  • Traders using the mark without consent are guilty of infringement and subject to legal action and fines

Our trademark registration service

If trademarks are not registered it is very difficult to prove your ownership and prevent trademark counterfeiting or passing off. Our trademark registration service will assist you to develop an effective business protection strategy.


Our service provides expert advice on Hong Kong and other regions trademark registration processes. We advise on registrations in the following regions


  • China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • US, EU and Canada
  • Japan, Korea and South East Asia


We provide trademark search services to determine the feasibility of registration. Our expert consultants will also offer advice on modifications needed to complete a successful trademark registration application. We are experienced in recommending trademark designs and text that are unique and meaningful. 


Our skilled team can also advise on disputes to resolve objections to your registration from third parties. 


Why choose MarbleConsultants?


We work as trademark registration consultants from drafting to completing the registration process. Our comprehensive and professional advice helps clients register trademarks around the world.


Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, trademark specialists and certified public accountants (CPA) are on hand to advise you on all proposals, objections and official documentation ensuring the process is completed smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

Q: My company name has been registered in Hong Kong. Can I use the company name as a trademark? Is the name automatically protected against trademark infringement?

A: In Hong Kong limited company registration and trademark registration are all separate. Different laws, managed be different government departments, regulate them. The Companies Registry is responsible for the registration of local companies and outside companies incorporated with an established place of business in Hong Kong.


The Intellectual Property Department Trade Marks Registry (www.ipd.gov.hk/ chi/trademarks.htm) is responsible for trademark registration. If your company name is listed in the Companies Registry this does not mean that you automatically have the right to exclusively use the company name as a trademark for promoting or trading in goods and services.


You must make a separate application to the Trade Marks Registry in order to obtain legal protection under the "Trade Marks Ordinance".


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